Is superfast internet coming your way?

The internet is about to shift into higher gear. Drones taking off in droves. State-of-the-art speech recognition technology. A fix for a security flaw on iPhones. A game plan for managing identity theft.

Faster Web Service

Superfast wireless home internet service for homes and businesses is on the way. Verizon plans to roll out high-speed wireless internet to some of its customers in 2017 as part of a trial run. The service hits fiberlike speeds by tapping a largely unused section of airwaves, known as millimeter waves, to send data from a cell antenna to a rooftop- or window-mounted antenna. The second antenna then feeds into a regular home or business modem and Wi-Fi router. This technology will usher in more broadband competition in coming years as it becomes faster and easier to bring high-speed networks to more homes and businesses. Plus, it will give many customers access to far faster speeds then they’d be able to purchase today.

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