Computer intelligence: more ‘humanlike,’ ‘trustworthy’? Plus other tech updates

This week, an update on artificial intelligence software, the outlook for tech and telecom costs, an interview with the CEO of a drone start-up, bargain tech stocks with solid dividends and more.

Federal and state governments will step up the use of artificial intelligence tools in coming years. Recent breakthroughs by commercial companies such as Facebook and Alphabet, along with other promising commercial success stories, are gaining the attention of government officials. Helping to pave the way: Computer intelligence that is more humanlike and trustworthy, qualities that make it easier to spur adoption. Chicago-based Narrative Science, for instance, uses software to turn unwieldy data in massive spreadsheets into plain English. The result is well-written news stories, financial reports and more. “The machine will actually be a device that can explain itself,” says Kris Hammond, chief scientist of the company.

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