Cable TV Struggling in a World Without Sports

The coronavirus crisis is accelerating the already gradual demise of the cable industry.

A lack of live sports is fueling the industry’s nosedive. Sports programming is one of the top reasons Americans subscribe to cable. But with professional and college sports indefinitely sidelined, customers are reevaluating the value of their cable subscriptions. Continue reading “Cable TV Struggling in a World Without Sports”

Three New Football Leagues Compete for Survival

The NFL season may screech to a halt after Sunday, but football fans won’t have to wait months to get their next gridiron fix. A new professional football league kicks off next weekend, featuring a 12-game schedule with teams in eight medium-to-large markets across the U.S.

The Alliance of American Football, founded by TV and film producer Charlie Ebersol and longtime NFL executive Bill Polian, features teams in two cities already home to NFL clubs: Atlanta and Phoenix. CBS will broadcast the league’s inaugural games on Saturday, Feb. 9, after which the CBS Sports Network will carry one AAF game a week throughout the season. The championship game is slated for the weekend of April 26-28. Continue reading “Three New Football Leagues Compete for Survival”